The Jillian and Lee Wagner Scholarship Fund

The Jillian and Lee Scholarship Fund is the result of Debbie and I making a decision to convert the college fund we had established for our two children into a vehicle that could help other young people pursue their dreams in education.

First established in May of 2004, The Jillian and Lee Wagner Scholarship Fund is used for the purpose of providing financial assistant to students bound for college in the field on medicine that may need some assistant with books, computers, etc. To date we have awarded 4 scholarships to students at Starr’s Mill High School.

In addition to the scholarships the fund has been drawn upon to support mission trips to Mexico, projects at local churches, aid to families from the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and a team that actually went to New Orleans to work on houses destroyed by the ensuing flood, as well as the courtyards at Starr’s Mill High School.

Our measurement as to what we, as administrators of the fund, decide to donate to is simply what would Jillian and Lee want us to do. They were two very loving and caring kids and this is their legacy.

The funds raised by this year’s, “Walk to Remember”, will go toward scholarships, and mission trips. This year we would also like to begin a scholarship at North Davidson High School in Welcome, NC. This is the school Jillian and Lee attended prior to our move to Georgia. In addition we want to make a contribution from the fund to Bethesda United Methodist Church. This is our families’ home church in North Carolina and the final resting place of Jillian and Lee Wagner.

There is a link to a pledge page where, if you are so moved you can make a contribution to this fund.