LifeLink of Georgia

The gift of life is a precious thing that few can give. When Jillian and Lee completed their requirements for a Georgia Drivers License they both, on their own, checked the box designating them organ donors.

On the day of the tragedy we were contacted by the wonderful people from LifeLink of Georgia. This is the non-profit organization committed to the recovery and transplantation of organs and tissues from those who no longer need them to those that are desperate for the gift of strangers.

I am proud that Jillian and Lee choose to give beyond their own lives to make life better for those that are left behind.

My hope and prayer is that one day someone will come forward and introduce themselves to Debbie and I as a recipient of an organ from either Jillian or Lee.

I encourage all to check that box and commit to others the things you will no longer need. If you need more information please contact LifeLink.