Origin of “A Walk to Remember”

Jillian and Lee Wagner

  Christmas time is one of the most difficult periods for Debbie and me. Somehow the joy of family gatherings just falls hollow on our hearts these past four years. Our faith is strong but is tested every day and particularly around holidays like Christmas. This past Christmas was no exception.

But sometime during this holiday season I starting thinking about what would be the legacy of Jillian and Lee Wagner? Would they simply be two teenagers killed on an interstate some four years ago and long forgotten? Or could we do something, not only to remember them, but to create a platform that we could grow into something that could help others families going through the same tragedy we are, as well as maybe prevent future tragedies of this kind.

We prayed about what we could do and came up with a journey that would trace our children’s final journey from Georgia to North Carolina. The walk could serve as a means to replenish the Jillian and Lee Wagner Scholarship Fund and keep their legacy alive into the future.

Now you don’t just get out on the highway and start walking. You do however start planning. First I needed to determine a route that I could safely walk that was not on any interstates. This would add to the miles walked but be a better route. We needed publicity; I needed a place to lay my head each night. We needed a web site where others interested in the walk could follow along. There was just so much to do just to take a walk.

I contacted my cousin in North Carolina who is my computer Guru. Bill Roland, the owner of , has been the driving force behind the web site you are looking at now. Without his help we would be nothing more than word of mouth.

Next I needed a support group of friends that would volunteer to help with the planning and executing of the plan. Rose and Gary Snider, Wallace and Lisa Green, Terry Henry, Bill and Betsy Roland, among others are helping with the project. And for all of you we are grateful.