Jillie Wagner was much more than my cousin’s child. She was a strong, spiritual, forceful personality.  Even as a teenager, she had a presence

In her too few years with us, I had the privilege of also being her Youth Director.  On a spiritual retreat in 2001, she publicly professed Christ as her Lord and Savior.  Fittingly, in the mountains of North Carolina, she stood up, walked forward, and proclaimed HIS name and Grace.  In a room filled with 600 teenagers, she invited Christ into her heart on the last night at Camp.  She had been listening; not just to our awesome speaker but to Jesus’ voice.  What an incredible night!  Later in the evening, I was trying to make sure everyone was safely back in their room.  Where was Jillie?  She had gone to a pay phone and was making calls to share her good news!  She was filled with the Holy Spirit and the revelation that she was living the life eternal.  Some friends on that summer journey with us included her brother Lee, Ciara Warden, Crystal Cooper, Jenny Spradlin, Matt Farrell, Ross Gable, Jason and Rebecca Cutts, Josh and Daryl Matthews Dustin Brown and Blake Green, among others. 

After that mountain-top moment, she came home to live it out, as we try to do.  ALL of us who are Christians have to struggle to not just feel it and know it, but live it-  She came home and did mission work, including Habitat for Humanity.  I remember our group working on a Habitat home in Senoia and putting the ‘tar’ on the block foundation.  It was summer; it was hot; she was covered in black tar by the end of the day.  She was dirty, sweaty….and happy to be serving.

It is in these mission moments, that we can keep trying to LIVE it- as Jillie did.


Lisa Green