Many friends and family have done so much for Debbie and I during this time of tragedy. If we thanked them all we would run out of time before we ran out of people. This story is just one example of the support group who surround us each day.

A life long friend of Debbie, and now a dear friend of mine, is Irene Torres. She and her husband, John, are very special people. John is the Commander of Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. Before that he was Vice Commander of Air Force One, (the plane that carries the U. S. President around the world).  Before that he was stationed just outside St. Louis, Mo., and Charleston, S.C. During that time he served two tours in the Middle East and other locations in defense of our freedom. John, you are an American hero that I respect and admire. Of course, my love for aviation has made John and me very close. A day spent with John crawling around airplanes is a day well spent. But today let’s talk about Irene.

Some weeks after the death of Jillian and Lee, Irene was visiting. I notice she and Debbie were going through some of the kids clothing (i.e. T-shirts, jerseys, etc.). Thinking they were gathering some clothing to give to kids that needed them, I thought it was a good idea but did not give it much thought after that. They of course said nothing about it and the subject was forgotten.

Some months later Irene was back in town and presented us with a beautiful quilt made from our children’s T-shirts and jerseys. It seems she had a wonderful lady in the Midwest that took those things and created something that touched our hearts. Today that quilt hangs on the wall in our home in Peachtree City. Not a day goes by that I do not glance up at the quilt, pick out a square, and remember what the kids were doing when they wore that garment. Irene, you do not know how much confront your act of love and kindness has brought to us. Debbie and I love you and John very much. Thank you both for being a part of our lives.