The Walk Begins

           The Jillian and Lee Wagner Scholarship Fund

A Walk to Remember

This Mothers Day, (May11, 2008), I will arrive at Bethesda United Methodist Church, hopefully in time to attend the 11:00 AM service. At that time I will have walked approximately 380 miles from the Wagner Courtyard at Starr’s Mill High School to the church where our two children have their final resting place.

Why this route?

Since our children were teenagers in high school, and had attended both schools in Georgia and North Carolina they had tons of friends in both places. Because of this we had two complete funerals, one in Georgia and one in North Carolina. This “Walk to Remember” is a tracing of their final journey.

I will begin my trek at the Wagner Courtyard at Starr’s Mill High School on or around March, 28th, and continue to walk every Saturday and Sunday through April as I travel north from Peachtree City toward the South Carolina line.  Beginning May 1st, I will walk every day until I arrive at Bethesda on Mothers Day morning. I will need to average around 17 miles a day to arrive on time.

These “weekend walk” segments have a double purpose. One, I can build up my stamina, as I will be 56 years old on Mothers Day and am recovering from recent knee surgery. Two, it will be an opportunity for the youth groups from any interested church, synagogue, school or civic organizations to use this “Walk to Remember” as a fund raiser for their own use. They can walk in memory of their own loved ones and collect pledge money for their own projects. The Jillian and Lee Scholarship Fund will accept a donation but one is not required. During, before, or after the walk segments, I will be available to talk to the youth about choices they make in life that affect not only their lives but many lives around them.

If you are a member of an interested group please reach out to us. We would love to help you group raise funds for your causes as well as tell you about Jillian and Lee Wagner. Contact Lisa at   .