At Starr’s Mill High School

Within days of the death of our children on Mothers Day 2004, Debbie and I decided to do something for the High School in Memory of Jillian and Lee.

But we did not know exactly what was needed at the school or for that matter what we wanted to do.

We started by having a series of meetings with the Principal, Sam Sweat. We discussed what the school’s needs were and what we thought we could do. There were two courtyards that had never been completed since the school was built some 5 years before. We took a tour of the courtyards and decided to take them on as a project in memory of Jillian and Lee Wagner.

As word got out, the local Boy Scouts Troup ask if they could help and we decided to give them one of the courtyards to improve and we would concentrate on the other one. Our goal was not only to make the courtyards a place of beauty for the school but also functional for use by the students. With this in mind we designed both courtyards to show their own uniqueness. The one that the Boy Scouts worked in the most has lots of scrubs, trees and flower. Here there are benched along the walk where students can sit and study quietly. The one we named “The Wagner Courtyard” has those things as well as a large circular brick paved area that can be used as an outdoor classroom.

At the top of the brick circle is a granite bench with the following inscription;

In Loving Memory of Jillian and Lee Wagner

May 9, 2004

Forever Students of Starr’s Mill

To maintain the courtyards, Debbie and I, along with friends from time to time work in the courtyards to keep then looking beautiful and ready for the students of Starr’s Mill.

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